Ta'ang National Liberation Army

တအောင်း အမျိုးသား လွတ်မြောက်ရေး တပ်မတော်


Political wing: PSLF (latest Palaung political group; not to be confused with PSLO that disarmed in 2005 and transformed into a Militia)

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Founded: Jan, 1992
Headquarters: Mobile Operational Area
(Naung Cho, Kyaukme, Hsipaw, Kutkai, Namtu, Mann Ton, Namhsan, Mong Mit, Mongoke in northern Shan state)
Estimated strength: 1500s


  • Chairman: Tar Aik Bong
  • General Secretary:Tar Bone Kyaw

Palaung State Liberation Organization (PSLO/A) made cease fire to the government in 1991 and disarmed in April 2005. Palaung leaders Tar Aik Bong and Tar Bone Kyaw formed the Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF) to fill the gap of armed struggles and continued to fight against the Myanmar military. Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) is the army wing of PSLF. Currently, TNLA are fighting alongside the KIA and SSPP/SSA against the government in northern Shan state.

After the 2010 elections, the government recognized the areas that Palaung (also known as Ta’ang) inhabit in northern Shan state as an administration zone. However it remains very underdeveloped and there are very few schools and hospitals.

CEC member:

  • Chairman: Tar Aik Bong
  • General Secretary: Tar Bone Kyaw
  • Commander-in-Chief: Tar Hod Plarng

CC Member: 21

Standing Committee Member: 3


Peace Process

Non-ceasefire group

# clashes: 80s (2012)
120s (2013)

Official delegation team


Liaison offices


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