Restoration Council of Shan State/ Shan State Army

သျှမ်းပြည် ပြန်လည်ထူထောင်ရေး ကောင်စီ (သျှမ်းပြည် တပ်မတော် - တောင်ပိုင်း)

Government: Shan State Army - South



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Founded: 1964/1996

Headquarters: Loi Tai Leng, Southern Shan State

Controlled Area: Mong Ton, Mong Hsat in Eastern Shan State, Mong Pan, Mong Nai, Laikha, Kunhing, Lawksawk, Maukmai, Mongkaung, Nam Sang in Southern Shan State, Kyaukme and Nam Kham in Northern Shan State

Estimated Strength: 6,000+

Leader: Lt.Gen. Yawdserk

The SSA-S was formed from the Shan United Revolutionary Army (SURA) by Lt-Gen.Yawd Serk that opposed the ceasefire with the government made by the mainstream SSA, now known as SSA-N. The SURA was a breakaway faction of the Mong Tai Army led by drug lord Khun Sa and previously the original Shan State Army.

Affiliations: Former Communist Party of Burma (CPB), Shan United Revolutionary Army (SURA) and Mong Tai Army (MTA)


  • Chairman: Lt.Gen. Yawdserk
  • Vice Chairman: Maj.Gen. Sai Yi
  • Vice Chairman: Col. Kherh Ngeun
  • Secretary: Lt.Col. Siri

Peace Process

New Ceasefire: 2 Dec 2011

4th resistance group to sign ceasefire with the new government

Stage 2: Union level peace talks
Attacks since 2010?

Official delegation team

Chief Negotiator: Brig Gen Pawng Kherh

Liaison offices

  1. Taung Gyi - 22/02/2012
  2. Keng Tung - 22/02/2012
  3. Tachilek - 29/02/2012
  4. Mong Hsat - 29/02/2012
  5. Kho Lam - 21/03/2012
  6. Murngpan - 06/04/2014
  7. Muse*
  8. Namkam*

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