Karenni National Progressive Party

ကရင်နီ အမျိုးသား တိုးတက်ရေး ပါတီ

Armed wing: Karenni Army
Government name: KNPP

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Founded: 1957

Headquarters: Nyar Mu, Shardaw Township, Kayah state (also known as Karenni)

Operational Area: Loikaw, Shar Daw, Ho Yar (Pharu So township), Daw Tamagyi (Dee Maw So township)

Estimated strength: 600+

Leader: Chairman Abel Tweed

The conflict between the KNPP’s armed wing the Karenni army and Myanmar military has resulted in thousands of civilians being displaced from their homes. Many of whom have sought shelter in Thai refugee camps. After the protracted civil continued over 3 decades some lost hope of ever returning to their homeland and have already resettled to third countries.

CEC members:

  • chairman: Abel Tweed
  • Vice- Chairman: Khu Oo Reh
  • Secretary 1: Aung San Myint
  • Secretary 2: Shwe Myo Thant


  • Khu Hte Bu
  • Khu Daniel
  • Khu Plu Reh

Military leaders:

  • Commander-in-Chief: Gen. Bee Htoo
  • Deputy Commander-in-Chief: Gen. Aung Myat

Peace Process

Stage 1: March 7, 2012 (State Level peace talks) (new ceasefire)

Stage 2: June 9, 2012 (Union level peace talks)

10th resistance group to sign ceasefire with the new government

Official delegation team


Liaison offices

  • Loikaw 25/07/2012
  • Shadaw 01/08/2012
  • Hpa-saung 27/07/2012

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