Chin National Front

ခ်င္းအမ်ိဳးသား တပ္ဦး

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Founded: March 20, 1988

Headquarters: Thantlang, Chin State (Camp Victoria)

Operational Area: Thantlang Township, Tlangpi village tract, Dawn village tract and Zang Tlang village tract

Estimated strength: 200+

Leader: Dr. Sui Khar

The CNF was formed to achieve self-determination of ethnic people in Myanmar. They are based along the Indo-Myanmar border and other locations inside Chin state. At least 70 CNA soldiers were killed during fighting with the Myanmar military between 1988 - 2012. After 2003, fighting with government troops stopped. The CNF (like most of the ethnic armed groups) oppose the 2008 Constitution.

CEC Members:
Joint General Secretary Dr. Sui Khar
CNF Chairman of the fourth-term Conference Pu Zing Cung


Peace Process

New Ceasefire: January 6, 2012

11st resistance group to sign ceasefire with government

Stage 2: Union level peace talks

Official delegation team

Chin Peace and Tranquility
Committee August 24-31, 2012

Twenty committee members were selected from the Central Executive Committee, Central Committee, Supreme Council members and CNA leaders.

Leaders: Supreme Council Chairman Pu Za Hlei Thang and Secretary General Pu Zing Cung

Liaison offices

  1. Tedim (25/09/2012)
  2. Thantlang (29/06/2012)
  3. Matupi (23/06/2012)

Economic liaison office

  1. Paletwa (19/10/2013)
  2. Yangon
  3. Tio, India Myanmar border

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