December 13, 2016 

To inform the wider public, the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) would like to clarify the situations regarding peace talks and military offensives on the ground.

31 October 2016 

A recent Dictator Watch update on 28 October 2016, on the Karen National Union, alleges that to induce the KNU to sign a ceasefire, Chairman Mutu Say Poe “received over $2 million dollars from the European Union, channeled through Harn Yawnghwe’s Euro-Burma Office, and likely other payments as well.” This is definitely not true.

The UNFC (extended) council meeting was held successfully from February 18 to 21, 2016. The meeting reviewed various aspects of the current political and military situations, matters relating to the federal constitution, necessary ideological principles and departmental agendas.

The UNFC annual federal council meeting was successfully held from December 7 to 10, 2015. The departments submitted their annual activity reports, which were reviewed and adopted. Moreover, the election of new officials for the vacant positions was carried out by secret vote, and decisions relating to future work programs were taken.

Shan Community Based Organisations (CBOs) are gravely concerned at the current offensive by Naypyidaw troops against Shan ceasefire territories in four townships of central Shan State, which has displaced over 1,500 villagers so far.