The Institute was founded in August 2013 in accordance with the resolution of representatives of ethnic organisations and civil society organizations (CSOs) in December 2012 in Chiangmai.


A just, equitable, democratic and pluralistic Pyidaungsu


To provide impartial and independent spaces for building common understanding, resources and assistance to communities in building the Pyidaungsu


1) Grounded in relevant and factual information;
2) Directed and managed by participants in building the Pyidaungsu;
3) Focused to support needs identified by the participants.

Board of Directors

22 lay lian hsakhong khuensai jaiyen
Saw Htoo Htoo Lay Dr Lian H. Sakhong Khuensai Jaiyen



1. Conduct researches in line with the dialogue topics identified by the stateholders;
2. Create and serve as common spaces in order to promote common understanding on the subject of political dialogue;
3. Assist stakeholders in developing the Framework for Political Dialogue;
4. Promote stakeholders’ political vision and concepts with reference to the negotiation for the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement;
5. Organize public forums and seminars to critically look at the ongoing peace building proceedings;
6. Form partnership with organizations and institutions that are interested in promoting a lasting peace in Myanmar.

Future plans

Create and serve as common spaces to promote common understanding;

Increase research capacity in order to effectively support stakeholders’ effort to achieve lasting peace;

Work closely with ethnic organizations, political parties, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and the international community to help build the road to peace in Myanmar by providing facilitaion supports and knowledge resources for

1) Ceasefire Agreement
2) Framework for Political Dialogue
3) Political Dialogue

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